E46 Resetting Throttle Response

Over time your BMW e46 wil adapt to your driving style. Can you remember the days when your car would feel fast and spirited and jump when you touched the peddle? Have you lost that feeling? Well, it's not totally your fault. It's fun to go fast, but who doesn't like to get 27-28 Mpg? You can change back to a default setting if you wish.

Here's the steps for an e46. They are simple and easy to follow.

First, with the key removed, sit in the driver's seat and insert the key.
Turn the key to position "2". Position "2" is one position before the car engages and starts.
Wait 10 seconds and then turn the key back to position "0", which is the initial position.
Once again wait 10 seconds and then start the car up.
You should now have your throttle response reset and your driving pattern from this point on
will dictate how your throttle response adapts.

Over time your throttle response will once again become lacking and another reset will need
to be performed. It is recommended that this be performed every 3-6 months if you feel the
need to have your spirited car back.