BMW Winter Storage Tips:


· Change the oil and filter.

· Test antifreeze and service as needed.

· Fill the gas tank but do not “top off” the tank.

· Inflate tires to 55 psi.

· Clean the car thoroughly inside and out (wax it). Dry the car completely, also make sure that the brakes are dry.

· Use Lexol leather cleaner/conditioner on the interior leather, and use Vinyl on the dashboard.

· Use a breathable soft car cover.

· Get a couple of small bags of mouth balls. Punch a few holes in the bags and place one bag under the hood and the other bag on the floor under the car. This will discourage small rodents or insects from making your BMW their home.

· Remove the battery, store in a dry warm place and trickle charge.

· Put a small amount of oil in cylinders. Crank the engine to distribute it.

· Coat all rubber parts/hoses with glycerin to prevent cracking.

· DO NOT put the car up on blocks. Cars should be supported by their tires and suspensions NOT jack stands.

· DO NOT set the hand brake. It could stick after sitting all winter and can be a bugger to free up. Better to use a couple of blocks of wood to keep the car from rolling.

· On manual transmission cars, put the car in second or fourth gear to prevent it from forming corrosion on the shift selector rod into the transmission.